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Mariano Jerónimo Vilallonga, 1990.

My career in Architecture and Fine Arts, added to my passion for the essence of both nature and human beings, has deeply marked the direction of my work since I started.

The adaptation of nature to the environment and its changes is one of the two main themes of my work. Fauna and flora are composed of elements in continuous transformation: the leaves of the trees in each seasonal cycle, the curious geometries that occur in the sea… My admiration for the complexity and synchronization of nature leads me to observe it during hours as a scientist, taking notes and photographs of everything that surprises me.

Starting from real things, I create beings that are not, following my imagination wherever it takes me: fish with a human face, octopuses on bicycles, mechanical lizards, and men with flower heads…

The second theme of my work is the human being. His deepest feelings (loneliness, love, identity), his interrelation with other human beings or the challenge of certain circumstances that we go through, are what inspires me when I capture people in my sculptures. In this case, I start from my own personal situations. Most of them are existential questions that we all ask ourselves, such as, who am I, where I want to go, etc.

The way I communicate my thoughts, ideas and concerns is though my work of art. The materials that I use to work are generally watercolor, rottring and pencil on paper. In the case of sculptures, I begin by modeling figures with wax that will later be transformed into bronze. Lately wood is also gaining importance in my work.