2093 … Billions of people embrace the social bubble. The mind is transformed; the brain acts in parallel to reality creating a new hemisphere in charge of developing a false profile whose mission is to hide the fears detected by the cerebral amygdala.

This new hemisphere will modify the current anatomy of the human being. Due to the hyper-dense social-technological flow in cities, the concentration of electromagnetic waves in the air, shapes the information chaos. For this reason, men develop a third hemisphere in the shape of a cone that will allow them to select and store the information.

Citizens, controlled by society, due to the high traffic of information, dedicate part of their lives to perfecting and sharing their day to day. In order not to clash or be criticized by the rest, it is necessary to take care of the physique, show power, have more friends than anyone, pretend a perfect past, be strong and never stop being someone special who lives special moments.

The pressure created by this situation causes fear to take hold of some citizens unable to adapt to the social-technological wave. The speed of change, the excess of information, and the love for opinion are some of the factors that cause that part of society to stay within their homes.

After several years in seclusion, in which they could not be themselves outside their homes, a group called “CarettaCaretta” was created.  It was attended weekly by hundreds of people camouflaged with their masks and costumes. It consists of an organization in which everyone who is afraid is welcome, either to share their experience or to listen to the experiences of others, to talk without masks about oneself, with nothing to hide.

The constant socio-technological development of the city begins to invade places that were not exposed, in this way, the social bunkers begin to disappear in the absence of space, free of electromagnetic waves. For this reason, fears must seek a new place in which to live in peace. The collective decides to meet, all fears are in the room, scared by the endless invasion of their privacy.

“Where should we go?” They ask.

“The earth is wrapped in information waves … there is no way out …” they protested.

Tempus, a prehistoric-looking man with a past full of moments and emotions, stands up to speak to the rest, who lower the volume and look at him intently.

– High frequency electromagnetic waves are unable to travel through water, the sea is a safe place. “And how are we going to survive underwater?” They ask.

-Once a year, the shores of the warmest seas in the world are invaded by giant sea turtles. These reptiles come to the beaches to lay their hundreds of eggs, which will take approximately 5 weeks to hatch. When they are ashore, we will take advantage to go into one of them and dive into the oceans.

And that’s what they did, the fears spent several days traveling, avoiding all kinds of controls, they disconnected all the electronic devices to avoid emitting signals and thus avoid being located. They traveled hundreds of kilometers, always heading west, without rest.

After 147 exhausting days, they reached the shore of the ocean at night, an infinitely white shore due to the reflection of the moon, only interrupted by various black spots. Until one of those spots moved, they didn’t realize it was a turtle. So, without thinking twice, they chose the largest and entered into it.

Caretta Caretta, crawls from the shore to the water, and as soon as there is sufficient depth, with an imposing flutter, drives the crew away from the coast, descends to the depths, and begins a journey full of purity where silence and total disconnection reign.