The giraffe wanted to eat from the big tree; but the tree, in addition to being large, was clever. When the giraffe tried to pluck a leaf with its tongue, the tree avoided it by rolling the leaf inside.

The giraffe, tired of trying to eat from the tree, saw a very striking bush in the distance. It was a bush with blue Klein leaves, not many animals used to eat from this tree: but the giraffe, tired of the old trees, tried his luck with the arbuklein.

He got ready to eat form the bush and it didn’t move: He let the giraffe eat from him! This is because the bush confused the giraffe’s bluetongue Klein with one of its blue leaves.

Day after day the giraffe went to the bush to eat, and the bush, in return, was creating all the leaves possible. The bush knew that if it ran out of leaves the giraffe would stop going.

But summer arrived, and with it the drought gained strength… The blue rain did not arrive and this caused the arbuklein to lose strength. Every day he was more naked and his leaves were losing color.

One morning the giraffe went to visit the arbuklein, but she couldn’t recognize it: it had hardly any leaves, and the ones it had had turned orange. The contrast of the orange leaves with the giraffe’s blue tongue was so strong that it ran away stunned, aimlessly. His only food source had driven her crazy, the contrast between the two colors made his eyes vibrate so much that he started seeing everything blurry.

After traveling long distances through esplanades without vegetation to feed on, he came to a puddle that helped him regain strength. It was such a deep and clean puddle that it looked like a mirror. As the giraffe drank water, he realized in the reflection that something blue glowed on his forehead, between horn and horn.

It was a blue seed that the arbuklein had planted on his forehead it when it realized that it was running out of leaves! It was an enormous joy for the giraffe: he no longer felt so alone, but he knew that if he did not take care of the seed, it would die.

He gathered strength to seek rain and grow the seed to become the strongest of all.
The giraffe wanted to have the largest plant with most colorful petals. After several weeks the plant was already protruding above the giraffe’s horns; the plant was so strong that even the giraffe caught its color.

Over time they became synchronized: the giraffe depended on the plant, and vice versa. If the plant needed water, the giraffe would go wherever there was water; if the giraffe wanted to eat, the plant dropped a leaf for the giraffe to eat.
In this way, the giraffe became the strongest of all: the Klein giraffe.