Saint Brandan de Clonfert, a 6th century Irish monk, organized a trip across the Atlantic for evangelical and pious purposes, the way the great Catholic preachers of medieval Ireland used to do it.

Saint Brandán, after hearing another monk named Varinto speak about a wonderful land, decided to go find it with a group of monks.

After several months of traveling in which they lost a lot of energy and many food reserves, the Canary Islands began to appear in the horizon.

Legend has it that Brendán and his men travelled across fantastic islands where they saw demons that threw fire, enormous and beautiful floating crystal columns on the surface of the waters, and even enormous marine creatures.

Brendan and his men decided to get off the ship on a small islet where they celebrated mass. It was a small island with grayish soil, but it had vegetation and a lot of life.

The monks were praying during the sunset while chanting songs of their lands. After such a busy trip, the monks decided to sleep on the island since they were very tired of being on the ship for so long.

On the next day, they were all ready to eat the meat they had prepared, the ground started to move and they realized they were on top of a huge fish on whose back it had started growing vegetation and had the appearance of an islet.

They rushed to their ship, and from far away they could see very clearly how the fire they had lit on the ground of that island was fading out.

The island ended up sinking into the ocean, but ready to rise again from the waters to the amazement and wonder of sailors.