Charles Darwin built his theory about adaptation and biological evolution of different species in a habitat or natural environment. Mariano Villallongas’s approach is based on a transformational evolution whereby real and imaginary creatures are conceptualized from his knowledge and invention. Avelimofles, Terra Cactus, Zasburrio… are pseudo-scientific names, with a bit of humor, culled from free inquiries about the tree of life, the origin of species, Darwinian genealogy and its many correspondences…

Vilallonga’s personal evolutionary interpretation in an artistic sense implies a realistic interest in the adaptation of every living being to the time-space conditions of the environment in which it operates, while rekindling fears, longings and inner desires of the artist canalized through the flight of fantasy.

Similar to Alice in Wonderland, in this short story the character Izmarian (alias Mariano Vilallonga) does not hesitate to enter the real-unknown world where being awake and dreaming are combined to inhabit different stages that the protagonist must understand and assimilate as its own.


Amalia García Rubí (2018)