On any given day, in any month, in any year, a new being develops within any given egg. The algullas protect a zygote from the possible predators of the river, which can be a bit dangerous since the turbidity of the water prevents them from seeing at a certain distance.

Some days after, Izmarian is born, a blueish small zamburrio that with time will learn to move by himself through the river. His growth is fast and he becomes a strong and colorful animal. He swims with confidence, fast and precise moves.

However, the arrival of the rains caused the river to rise, a river that will go from paralyzing time to speed it up in such a way that the current will drag everything in its path.

Izmarian, tries again and again to get out of that terrible body of water. After several failures, he manages to step aside and go ashore to enjoy the calm of this new territory.

His body evolves in such a way that he can travel the territory very easily thanks to his new limbs. In his gait, it is perceived how that security that he had when he was a zamburrio is gone: it is a new habitat full of new beings and predators. Walking alone through that area is not as easy as it seemed from the river.

Everything is very quiet around the river. The diffused sounds are hardly disturbing, but out there you can only hear bellows, roars and howls, each more threatening. One of these sounds comes from the sky, Izmarian looks up and sees five probusteros flying over his head.

It is a large bird that feeds on the weakest beings, especially the ones that do not fight to survive the dangers of the place.

The probustero attack consists of pecking the victim until he is exhausted, it is not constant, they are usually small attacks distributed over several days, and it is very difficult to avoid them. That was the strategy chosen to end Izmarian.  What they did not know is that Izmarian is not just any being: he has the ability to overcome these attacks and become whatever his mind proposes.

His body begins to transform, huge white wings expand. His face turns pale and his nose turns into a yellow beak in charge of blasting through the air while keeping his legs. Izmarian runs through the meadow, picks up speed and takes advantage of a cliff to take flight and flap with all his strength.

Flies, flies and flies nonstop. When you want to give an account it is so high that the course of the river is blurry. The territory he walked on, is now a wrinkled texture of colors. Izmarian’s flight is so powerful that even the probusteros are unable to reach such an altitude, from which life is easier.